Starling Studios

Welcome! Starling Studios is Michael Moncur's web publishing and development company. I have created and maintain a number of content-oriented sites, some of which make money. The major sites are listed below. See my professional information site for a complete list of sites, the books I've published, and more details. Contact me if you have questions or would like to be involved with any of these projects.

The Quotations Page

The Web's oldest page devoted to famous quotations, established 1994. Receives over ten million page views per month. Provides a searchable and browsable interface to over 20,000 quotations using a PHP front end to a MySQL database.

My weblog, which first appeared in 2001. I generally focus the articles and links here on technology and web development topics at the moment. I try to post something here daily, but I don't always succeed.

The Literature Page

Established February 2003. Allows viewers to read hundreds of classic books, plays, poems, essays, and other works online using a customizable user interface with a focus on readability and usability. The works are stored in a MySQL database and displayed via PHP, which also allows for a powerful search feature.

The JavaScript Workshop

Provides information about my JavaScript and DHTML books as well as articles about JavaScript and a busy forum for the discussion of Web languages. The site is run using a combination of HTML, PHP, and MySQL in a custom content management system.

Website Workshop

This site opened officially in October 2003. This is a showcase for various articles I've written on webmaster topics. This site isn't associated with any single book but is intended to stand on its own. I wrote a custom content management system in PHP and MySQL to run this site.

The Gadgets Page

Matthew Strebe and I are publishing reviews and articles related to gadgets, ranging from cameras and TVs to computers and software, on this site. The Gadgets Page officially launched in January 2004. It uses the same back-end content management system as Website Workshop.

Starling Fitness

A weblog devoted to health, diet, and fitness topics. I designed the site, which runs WordPress 1.5. My wife, Laura Moncur, does most of the writing. We started this weblog in December of 2004.

Sequenced Notes

My electronic music weblog, where I write about sequencers, synthesizers, and other aspects of creating music with technology. This site runs WordPress 1.5 with a custom CSS-based layout. I started this site in May of 2005.


Matthew Strebe and I run this site. It's a parody of the popular geek news site Slashdot, with satirical news stories about computers, technology, and science. SlashNot launched in August of 2002, and was selected as PC Magazine's Site of the Week for November 7, 2003.